Meet The Sales Reps

Greg Wilson – Head of Sales, Australia – Lives in Melbourne, Australia

History lover, people watcher, part-time rock star & Vietnam foodie 

“After over 20 years in the Travel Industry having visited almost 90 countries, and having worked with many of the highest profile Travel organisations, it would be fair to say I found my “second home” in Vietnam. Whenever I visit a country I focus on getting “inside” it, trying to discover how locals really live, think and feel. After 14 visits in the past 8 years to Vietnam and the region, experiencing bike riding in regional areas, trekking around Sapa with the local tribes, taking motorbike odysseys in the far North, simply chilling on fantastic beaches, and even learning the language, there are few in the industry who know Vietnam as well as I do…next step, Cambodia & Laos!”

Contact Greg if you’re a travel agent looking for the most up to date knowledge on Vietnam and the region and for the best sales & marketing training for your staff  
[email protected]

Mob:  +61 (0) 414 252827

Larry Burrows – Queensland Sales Executive

I’ve worked in the travel industry my entire life holding jobs at every level. Now I get to focus my efforts on selling Asia to agents. I’m deeply in love with Vietnam and Cambodia. Especially the cruises. I’ve recently spent time on Ha Long Bay and on a Pandaw Cruise along the Mekong River. I’m confident I can help your agency grow by putting together packages with prices your clients will adore.

Contact me if you are an agent in Queensland looking to expand your sales in Vietnam.”
[email protected]
Mob:  +61 (0) 414 737 421

David Reeves – NSW/ACT Sales Executive

Contact David if you are an agent in NSW/ACT looking to expand your sales in Vietnam.
[email protected]
Mob:  +61 404878958

Sue Harms – Western Australia Sales Executive

“My name is Sue. I’m the Wide Eyed Tours Sales Rep for Western Australia. Having worked in the Travel Industry for over 36 years in retail, commercial and wholesale, I understand the daily demands of most consultants. At Wide Eyed Tours they think outside the square and have a product to suit the most discerning traveller through to the younger market wanting volunteer projects. The guides that I met on my last trip, were relaxed and friendly with amazing knowledge. For the Western Australian market, your quotes are done quickly and thoroughly and because the reservations are done in Hanoi, you have all day to send them through, as they are an hour behind us, so no more rushing to get everything sent off to the East Coast! Contact me if you are an agent in Western Australi looking to increase your South East Asia Sales. I’m happy to come to your office and speak with your clients, or help you to learn more about an amazing destination, that will grow your bottom line and give you happy clients.”

Contact Sue if you’re a travel agent in Western Australia looking to expand your sales in Vietnam.
[email protected]
Mob: +61 (0) 414 424 695

Pete Murray – UK Sales Executive

“I arrived in Saigon aboard an old Russian Yak in the middle of 1993 with a one month visa and a backpack. It was just a few months after inter-provincial travel controls had been dropped, so amongst the first tourists to be able to travel semi-freely in the country. After spending the first couple of years teaching English, whilst studying Vietnamese, I spent 3 years as a tour leader, finding my forte, I think, as I found that not only did I really love my new home, but I also felt a great buzz in showing it off to visitors, and that has really never left me. As well as a stint as Director of Marketing for a  local firm, which had me on sales and trade fair calls to Australia, Thailand, and Europe, I spent more time working in film and TV, travelling the country with film crews and presenters, with the Hairy Bikers, Top Gear, and even 80 Miss Universe contestants! Since my family and I moved back to my native UK, we settled on the Wirral, where our sons attend grammar school. I get back to Vietnam once a year, to lead a special tour for one client in London.

For advice and guidance for any of your clients who show any interest in the Indochina region – please do get in touch!”

Contact Pete if you’re a travel agent in UK looking to expand your sales in Vietnam.
[email protected]
Mob: +44 (0) 7923 325841

Kate Murray – Ireland Sales Executive

“Everything about Vietnam surprises and excites me – the people, the scenery, the traffic and chaos of the big cities, as well as the calm and tranquil beauty of the beaches and rural areas. Perhaps what surprised me the most about Vietnam is how warmly I was welcomed and how quickly it began to feel like home to me. My initial intention was to spend one month travelling throughout the country – however, this plan soon changed as I learned that I was simply not ready to leave. I unpacked my suitcase and set up a home for myself in the beautiful town of Hoi An where I was lucky enough to work and immerse myself fully in the local culture. Vietnam is a very special place to me, and although I am back living in Ireland now, it  still feels very much like a second home to me.  I am passionate to share my knowledge with as many people as possible, and to encourage them to experience this beautiful country for themselves. I am delighted that I now have an opportunity to do just this and to be a part of the wonderful Wide Eyed Tours Team.

Contact Kate if you’re a travel agent in Ireland looking to expand your sales in Vietnam.
[email protected]
Mob: +353 861984077
Skype: kmurray168