Meet The Design Team

Tamara Brocco – Marketing & Sales Executive – Lives in Hoi An, Vietnam

Creatively Sparked Animal Lover, Food Eater, Photo Taker & Party Planner

“It took a while for me to get up form my desk in Cape Town, quit my job and decide I wanted to explore the world before I was too old. Little did I know that age means nothing when are surrounded by people and experiences that make you feel alive. Needless to say, my 2 month travel stint to Vietnam turned into getaway with no expiry. I am excited to be one of the newest members of the Wide Eyed Tours family – inspiring people to come and visit the countries we have all fallen in love with. With three years in travel marketing experience in South Africa and a background in creative direction, I will go out of my way to make sure we at WET can help you with any tips, tricks and trade queries you may have.”

Contact Tamara today if you need any marketing materials and sales tips.
[email protected]

Mob: +841683157924

Mai Nguyen – Marketing Assistant

Passionate Photo Taker, Film Cameras Player

“My name’s Mai. I’m the Marketing Assistant. I help Tamara and Son with anything they need including email marketing, website manage, social media and advertisements for agents. I can run advertising campaigns as well.”

Contact me when you need help with your marketing campaigns.
[email protected]
Mob: +841667294869

Son Tran – Designer

Photos & Artworks

“My name’s Son. I’m the head designer at Wide Eyed Tours. Working at Wide Eyed Tours is pretty cool and fun. It feels like a family. I have a great environment that allows me to freely do my design. My works are not the best, but they always supprise you i bet.

Contact me anytime, anywhere if you need any flyer for your business.”
[email protected]