Meet The Managers

Tracey Johnson – General Manager – Lives in Hanoi

Massive foodie, motorbike junky, & Vietnam history buff 

“I came to South East Asia in 2005 to work as a tour leader and soon fell in love with Vietnam. People often ask me which is my favourite place here and I explain that it is like asking which of your children you love the most. Hanoi is where I live and it is a vibrant and exotic Asian city, which combines chaos with elegance. As a foodie, this place is a paradise of exquisitely fresh flavours with recipes handed down through generations. It sure is a long way from my coastal Australian hometown of Queenscliff, Victoria. My working background has always been in hospitality, sports management and administration. Most recently I worked at Hawthorn Football Club as the Personal Assistant to the Chief Executive before moving to Asia. One of the great pleasures of working with Wide Eyed Tours is that I can share my passion for this unique and amazing region with our clients. Once I ask a few important questions from our clients I can quickly determine what they should see and do here that will maximise their time and give them the best possible holiday. Nothing makes me happier than helping others love South East Asia as much as I do.”

Contact Tracey if you have a large group travelling and you need inspiration and ideas.
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Dara Leng – Cambodia Ground Manager – Lives in Siem Reap

Booking guru and logistics expert

“After finishing University, I developed the English language curriculum and managed teachers for an NGO whose focus was to provide education opportunities and improve healthcare for disadvantaged Cambodians in the countryside. Working in the travel industry is exciting and I love interacting with so many different people from around the world who are coming to visit my country. My personal favourites are the peaceful, verdant landscapes during our green season and the breath-taking islands and beaches in the South. I deeply hope that everyone enjoys their visit to my beloved country of Cambodia.”

Contact Dara if you have any inquiries about traveling in Cambodia.
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Tamara Brocco – Marketing & Sales Executive – Lives in Hoi An, Vietnam

Creatively Sparked Animal Lover, Food Eater, Photo Taker & Party Planner

“It took a while for me to get up form my desk in Cape Town, quit my job and decide I wanted to explore the world before I was too old. Little did I know that age means nothing when are surrounded by people and experiences that make you feel alive. Needless to say, my 2 month travel stint to Vietnam turned into getaway with no expiry. I am excited to be one of the newest members of the Wide Eyed Tours family – inspiring people to come and visit the countries we have all fallen in love with. With three years in travel marketing experience in South Africa and a background in creative direction, I will go out of my way to make sure we at WET can help you with any tips, tricks and trade queries you may have.”

Contact Tamara today if you need any marketing materials and sales tips.
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Mob: +841683157924

Eileen Cameron – School Tours Program Manager – Based in Hanoi, Vietnam

Travel is the best education

“I came to Vietnam in 2013 after many years working in the travel industry both in my native New Zealand and extensively around the globe. Although it was maybe my fiftieth country, I instantly felt a connection with this colourful, chaotic nation. The language struck me as a series of strange Nintendo type sound effects, many of which I could not even figure out how to replicate, much less know how the people were communicating with it. I’ll never forget my first impressions of Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam’s largest city with its massive motorbike filled avenues. My first meal was the quintessential phở, Vietnam’s legendary flat noodle soup. That combined with a delicious iced coffee had me hooked. I moved to Vietnam a year later and began work as an ESL teacher; I have loved living here ever since. The traffic has been much easier to negotiate than the language, although I now feel quite comfortable with both.

Vietnam definitely has to be experienced to be believed. It has this indescribable magic that makes you laugh and walk around with an ‘Am I dreaming or did that just happen?’ sensation. Working at WET gives me an opportunity to share my passion for travel and harness my skills as a teacher, guide, tour leader and project manager to ensure others get the most out of their trip.”

Contact Eileen for great destination ideas especially concerning school groups (she’s a teacher), team building and M.I.C.E.
[email protected]