Meet The Owners

Mike Keenan – Wide Eyed Tours Owner

“Having based myself here in Hanoi, I often get asked the question by friends and family back in Christchurch, New Zealand, “Why Vietnam?”. Not an easy question to answer, so I usually reply “Come and see for yourself”. Now my family and friends make regular trips back to Vietnam. So much so I’m beginning to suspect that it’s not actually to visit me!

There is so much variety from place to place; whether your interests are in food, history, language, culture, scenery, shopping, or simply meeting some of the friendliest and most hospitable people on Earth. Within a stone’s throw are two more diverse destinations, Lao and Cambodia. Both countries are steeped in history with some incredible experiences to be had.

My journey to this region began in 1999 as a tour leader and I still love to lead some of our trips in the busy times. The diversity of Vietnam, Cambodia and Lao always guarantees that every trip will be exciting. I still see sights that make me stop and realise how fortunate I am to be living somewhere so amazing.”

Travis Fennell- Wide Eyed Tours Owner

“Out of all the countries I have visited, Vietnam has the most energy by far. Somehow the people are still able to have a relaxed attitude towards life in this electric environment. I have been tour leading in this region since 2000 and it has never ceased to excite me

The diversity from the top to the bottom of the country allows for all types of holidays: far north for trekking, central for beach and the southern city for its shopping, the Delta and tourist attractions. I still love to get out and explore parts of Vietnam, Cambodia and Lao and during our busy times I still get the chance to run trips in all three countries.

Vietnam is my second home and I now have a family here. We love to get back to visit family and friends in Australia where I grew up as a country lad in Leongatha, Victoria. I’m so happy that I discovered Vietnam in my late 20s as it gives me plenty of time to enjoy it with my family, friends and future customers for a long time to come.”