Welcome Tours


Welcome Tours

Landing in a new country can be confusing. You’ve got a whole new currency, transport system, food and culture to wrap your head around. You don’t want to spend the first half of your holiday settling in. That’s why we give you a welcome you’ll never forget.

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Our experienced staff will have you settled in in no time

A member of our experienced team will meet you at your hotel and teach you everything you need to know to have an awesome, stress free holiday. We’ll help you change your money, teach you about the local food and show you how to cross the busy roads. Each tour is delivered by one of our experienced staff. They’re fun and relaxed and you’ll feel settled in in no time.

We’ll help you get your head around the money

The currency in Vietnam and Cambodia can be a little hard to get your head around. Your welcome guide will make it easy for you. They’ll take you to a currency exchange with the best rates so you start the trip with more money in your pocket and teach you how much everything costs.

We’ll show you the best things to drink and eat

We’ll take you on a quick walk around your block showing you the best places to eat and drink and all the cool things to do in your area. Your welcome guide will teach you about local people’s daily lives and talk you through any cultural taboos. They’ll take you to one of their favourite local spots for a beer, tea, coffee or snack and teach you the basics of ordering food and drink in the local lingo.

We’ll go over your stay with us and make any last minute changes

Your welcome guide will talk you through your itinerary highlighting the best spots to stop, eat and drink along the way. IF you feel like there is anything else you want to book or change just let your guide know and they’ll make all the arrangements for you.

We’ll leave you feeling confident and relaxed

Any burning questions, confusions or concerns you have will be put to bed on your first day, freeing up the rest of your time to focus on having an awesome holiday. You’ll finish your tour feeling confident and relaxed.

Your first welcome tour is on us

If you book a ten day or more trip with us your first welcome tour is completely free of charge. You won’t have to pay a penny. If you’d like to arrange more welcome tours in different cities we can offer them to you for a discount price.

For trips less than 7 days For 7 – 10 day trips For trips of 10+ days
First Welcome Tour $35 per person $20 per person Free
Additonal Welcome Tour $35 per person $25 per person $15 per person


We are veteran Asia travel specialists and designers of tailor-made private tours. Have a look at our suggested itineranes. Or get in touch to start a conversation. Let us make your Asian holiday amazing.