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Why visit Myanmar?

Book a tailor made tour to Myanmar to witness the glorious sight of the early morning sun creeping above the ancient temples of Bagan. Travel to Myanmar was forbidden for decades, which adds to the allure of this mystifying destination. Visit Myanmar to find out why local women and girls decorate their faces with a yellow paste, or to explore the gorgeous natural landscape of lakes, waterfalls, and lush green jungles. Visit Myanmar, a place the world forgot, for the privilege of basking in the heat from the setting sun as it reflects off the golden dome of a magnificent temple. Book a tailor made tour to Myanmar, because so many people won’t.  

Book your tailor made tour to Myanmar

Many countries in South-East Asia can be navigated after a few weeks of desktop research and meticulous planning, however, Myanmar is a different story. We highly recommend booking a tailor made tour to Myanmar to ensure you get the most out of this utterly beguiling destination, while travelling safely and incident free. 

Myanmar is undoubtedly a destination for travellers looking to immerse themselves in a rich culture. Our custom made holidays to Myanmar are created by fellow globetrotters with the same passion for new cultures pulsing through their veins. Our team will get to know you personally before putting together a tour aligned with your travel aspirations and budget.

Hotels and Resorts in Myanmar

Over the years we have forged strong relationships with a number of hotels and resorts across Myanmar. Accommodation in Myanmar varies from comfortable but very basic three star hotels to four and a half star resorts overlooking Inle Lake. Where you stay in Myanmar is all a part of the custom made holiday we create, factoring personal preference and budget. 

Unlike other parts of South-East Asia, Myanmar has a slightly more predictable climate with three distinct seasons; hot, rainy, and cool. The hot season lasts from March through until June and is exceptionally hot, reaching temperatures up to 40 degrees celsius. The rainy season lasts from June through to October, where North of Yangon travellers can expect heavy rain every few days. South of Yangon experiences lengthier downpours and is susceptible to flooding.

Our travel experts can custom plan your trip to Myanmar. They suggest visiting in cool season from October to February when the weather is incredibly pleasant.

Every traveller needs a visa to enter Myanmar.

Apply online for an approval letter through the official government website here: evisa.moip.gov.mm/

What money is used in Myanmar?

The official currency in Myanmar is Kyat (pronounced chat). We suggest taking USD to Myanmar, which can then be readily exchanged for Kyat at the airport or a bank. Bring your debit or credit card as a back-up, however, the number of ATMs in Myanmar is very limited. 

To give you an idea of the currency conversions:

£100 GBP = 185K Kyat

$100 USD = 150K Kyat 

$100 AUD = 100K Kyat 

$100 NZD = 98K Kyat 

A meal at a local restaurant will cost around $2-4 USD per head. 

Local beers and soft drinks cost around $1.50 USD


The most spoken language in Myanmar is Burmese, with more than two-thirds of the population speaking Burmese. 


The language barrier outside the capital of Yangon can be challenging, which is another reason why we recommend a custom made tour to Myanmar. Our guides will communicate with hotels, private car hire companies, and the locals to make sure you get to your destination safely and on time. 


How do I say Hello in Burmese? 


Min ga la ba 


How do I say thank you in Burmese?


Je zu tin ba deh


How do I say yes in Burmese?


Ho de


How do I say no in Burmese?


Ma ho bu


How do I say goodbye in Burmese?


Ta ta!


The people of Myanmar are conservative so it is advised to wear light clothing with maximum coverage, especially when visiting temples and pagodas.


  • A good poncho or wet weather jacket.
  • A good waterproof backpack is a necessity. 
  • Light, airy clothing. Thin, breathable fabrics are best, as the days can reach forty degrees celsius. 
  • Hiking shoes
  • Thongs/sandals

Myanmar is a safe place to travel if you stay abreast of the political landscape. This is yet another reason we suggest booking a custom made holiday to Myanmar. We certainly won’t be including the Rakhine, Shan, and Kachin states in any of our tours. These regions can be volatile.


In a more general sense, travelling across Myanmar is very safe, with little to no violence or petty crime toward tourists. Here are a few travel tips to ensure you stay safe in Myanmar:


  • Do not drink tap water. 


  • Wear appropriate clothing to fit in with the locals. 


  • Before crossing the road, look left, then right, then left again. Myanmar is a developing country, so the infrastructure is poor.  Take extra care when crossing the road, even in quieter areas. 


  • Travelling to Myanmar with children can be very safe if you visit suitable locations, stay in child-friendly accommodation, and choose smart transport options. 


When you book a tour with Wide Eyed Tours our local guides consider your safety their highest priority. We will do our utmost to keep you safe when you travel through Myanmar.



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