Vietnam E-Visa For Australians

After personally experiencing we can confirm it works a treat. Australians can apply online for a 30-day, single-entry Vietnam e-visa which applies for air arrival only.

Multi entry and land entry must have a Visa prior to arrival or a Visa On Arrival, which we can organize for you.

An online visa is processed in three working days and costs US $25.00 (Plus the credit card payment fees).

Clients will need a passport photo & a copy of the main page of their Passport saved on the Desktop for easy ‘click’ access when applying.

We used this link:

The whole process takes 10 minutes in 3 easy steps:

  1. Complete application form and attach passport page and passport photo. These files MUST be JPEG.
  2. Review information before making payment.
  3. Make payment of USD$25 and there is no additional cost upon arrival in Vietnam.

A reference number will be emailed.  Wait 3 working days and then Log online to print the E Visa.

NOTE – The eVisa will NOT be sent, you must log in and get it yourself.

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