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Wide Eyed Pupils has been delivering high quality, well paced educational tours and school trips to Vietnam and Cambodia for over a decade. Our tailor-made educational tours are safe, reliable, engaging, educational and infinitely customisable. Large tours are organised and led by a western tour leader with a vast knowledge of Vietnam and Cambodia and at least a decade’s worth of tour leading experience. Our personal touch, focus on safety and solid experience of the area get us Excellent Reviews.

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School Trips to Vietnam

Wide Eyed Pupils

Why Vietnam?

Visiting Vietnam is a truly unforgettable experience. The moment you get off the plane you’ll be hit with vibrant colours, charmed by friendly faces* and welcomed into the rich and ancient culture of the Vietnamese. With some of the world’s most stunning geological sites, fascinating blend of ethnic minority cultures, ancient temples and tumultuous history, Vietnam is ideal for any school trip or educational visit. Whether you are focusing on ancient or modern history, ethnology of cultural studies, geology or geography, we can organise a tour that will ensure your pupils are happy and engaged.

*You may have to wait until you pass customs for the friendly faces

Our School Tours Expert

Our school tours & travel expert, Eileen Cameron is ready to make sure every Wide Eyed Pupils tour is customised to suit your group’s time, dates, budget and interests.

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Community Service and Volunteer Tours

Vietnam War History Tours

Ethnic Minority Homestay Tours

A Little Bit of Everything Tours


Community Service and Volunteer Tours

Wide Eyed Pupils directly supports a village of Co Tu people in central Vietnam by helping them fund and build much neded infrastructure. The Co Tu are one of Vietnam’s smallest ethnic groups with a population of under 60,000. When you book a volunteer tour with us you will help them with some light building work, upgrade their schools and teach them some English. Check out these Community Service and Volunteer Tour Itineraries for some inspiration.

Volunteer with the Co Tu
Volunteer in Mai Chau
Volunteer & See the Best of Vietnam

Vietnam War Tours

Vietnam has flourished since the American War. Proud of their incredible victory, the Vietnamese Government have gone to great lengths to preserve their war history. You’ll find full museums, fascinating stories and moving tributes in every city you visit. Check out these war history tours for some inspiration.

Vietnam War History
ANZAC war in the South

Ethnic Minority Homestay Tours

Vietnam is home to over 54 different Ethnic Minority Groups. Each group has its own language, lifestyle and cultural heritage making their villages, cultures, beliefs and history a fascinating space to explore. On our Ethnic Minority Homestay tours pupils spend time living with real ethnic minority families and joining in with their day to day lives. We’ve personally selected families in the Northern Mountains and Central Highlands for you and your pupils to stay with. They’ve been given training to ensure you get fully immersed into their everyday lives. Check out the tours below for some inspiration.

Trek with the Tribes
Explore Vietnam's 54 Minorities

A Little Bit of Everything Tours

Some school trips don’t need a single focus, they just need to be fun. Our little bit of everything tours take a smidgen of history, a little bit of community service and pack it around a whole lot of fun. We can take any of our tours designed for adults and tailor them to suit your pupils. We can arrange custom fun trips to any part of Vietnam for any length of time.

Best of Vietnam Tour
Vietnam Family Fun Tour


Cambodia School Tour Extensions

Why Extend Your Trip to Cambodia?

cambodian boy

Vietnam’s southern sister Cambodia is a seductive blend of cities and temples. Combining the Vietnam and Cambodia on one tour gives your pupils a fantastic insight into the similarities and differences of the two ancient Asian cultures. Using one company makes the process seamless. We have a dedicated Cambodian Office with staff on the ground ready to look after you. Check out our Cambodian extensions below.

Cambodia 5 Day Extension
Cambodia 4 Day Extension
The Ancient History of Vietnam & Cambodia

Why Book With Wide Eyed Pupils?

We're Safe

We put safety at the heart of every tour we do. Early in the booking process we complete a full risk assessment that complies with your school or organisation’s procedures. We only use the highest quality new or near new vehicles with seatbelts for transfers. We personally inspect every vehicle to ensure it has been regularly maintained and we hand pick our drivers to ensure only the safest are behind the wheel. Bumps and scrapes do happen from time to time. That’s why we always carry a fully stocked first aid kit and all staff, including drivers, are briefed on where approved, western standard hospitals are located. Whilst we put safety at the heart of what we do, there is often little to worry about. Vietnam and Cambodia are two of the safest and friendliest countries in South East Asia.

We're Reliable

Wide Eyed Pupils has a small but growing team of education tour specialists, all of whom live and work in Vietnam and Cambodia. We’re relied on by hundreds of Australian, New Zealand and European agents, large and small and dozens of schools to deliver thousands of group tours every year. We have one of the strongest supply chains in Vietnam and Cambodia meaning we if we ever run into problems we can resolve them. We have never cancelled or postponed a tour due to staff, accommodation or transport availability.

We're Engaging

As parents and experienced tour leaders, we understand how children of different ages have different interests and we know how to keep them engaged. Each of our tours are customised with games, activities and play days to perfectly suit your group’s age range and match their educational needs.

Our Tours are Educational

We understand each group has different educational needs. That’s why we produce a highly customised itinerary to match your curriculum. We only recruit the most engaging and knowledgeable tour guides available for each site and subject. So you can be confident your group will get the best out of each destination. For large groups or on special request, you’ll be accompanied by western tour leaders for your whole trip. Not only do they understand the people and the lingo, each also has a deep and extensive knowledge of Vietnamese history and culture. Even in downtime and play days they’re on hand to answer any questions curious students might have.

Our Trips are Infinitely Customisable

Each and every one of our trips are infinitely customisable to suit your groups needs. Your group’s personal travel assistant will work with you to make sure each and every detail is taken care of and you end up with an itinerary that ticks every box. We can:

• Add or create fun activities

• Change any of the locations to suit your needs

• Tailor any tour to match a certain historical or geological theme

• Ensure special diets are catered for

• Add a range of fun and engaging bolt-on activities

Talk with Us

Our school tours & travel expert, Eileen Cameron is ready to make sure every Wide Eyed Pupils tour is customised to suit your group’s time, dates, budget and interests.

Email: [email protected]
Telephone: +84 24 3926 2241

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