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Why Visit Thailand

Our tailor made tour to Thailand can take you where you want to be. Let us guide you through the neon lights and bustling street markets of Bangkok, where exotic dishes sizzle in woks and local vendors spruik their hand-crafted wares, to the crystalline waters of Koh Samui, where it feels as though you’re swimming in the sky, so pristine is the ocean in this part of the world. 

Although Thailand might feel like a destination that is the very definition of the beaten track, it is a country ripe for exploration, a vast world of frontiers you never knew existed. From the Northern jungles of Chiang Mai, where ancient hill tribes adorned in vibrant traditional clothing live as they have for hundreds of years, to the hidden oasis of Krabi Island, where tunnel systems only accessible by kayak teem with tropical wildlife. Our experienced team of travel experts can create a tailor made tour to Thailand to suit your every desire.


Book Your Tailor Made Tour to Thailand

Do you know the real name for Bangkok? The capital’s ceremonial name is: “City of Angels, Great City of Immortals, Magnificent City of the Nine Gems, Seat of the King, City of Royal Palaces, Home of Gods Incarnate, erected by Vishvakarman at Indra’s behest.” 

It is the longest city name in the world and it is fitting. But there is also a point to be made here. Many people who travel to Thailand already have it mapped out in their minds. Fly to Bangkok, fly to Koh Samui, do a bit of snorkelling, swimming, and relaxing, before heading home believing you have experienced all that Thailand has to offer. 

This is why we recommend working with travel experts to create a custom made tour to Thailand. You simply can not travel to Thailand without visiting the enchanting city of Chiang Mai, or the tropical paradise of Koh Phangan. Now let’s revisit Bangkok. This buzzing metropolis is jam-packed with treasures aplenty. But how could you possibly find the best street food in Bangkok, the top places to shop, or where to find the golden temples? 

Wide Eyed Tours has an office in Bangkok, so you can rest easy knowing we have a team on the ground to ensure you don’t miss a thing when you travel to Thailand.

Hotels and Resorts In Thailand

The beauty of booking a tailor made tour to Thailand is that we get to know you personally before planning your trip. This means we will know every minute detail from your budget, if you prefer boutique resorts or five star hotels, and if you’d prefer a room with sweeping ocean views. There is a staggering range of hotels and resorts in Thailand and we have relationships with most of them.


The good news – Thailand is Visa-free for most nationalities. If you hold an EU,UK, AUS or NZ passport you will get a stamp at immigration that will allow you to stay in the country for up to 30 days. 

All you need to do is fill out a form on arrival and walk through customs. Easy! 


The local currency of Thailand is the Thai Baht, (pronounced Bart). You can buy it before you arrive or exchange it at kiosks inside airports and in the centre of cities and towns.

Most ATM’s will allow you to withdraw Thai Baht using an international account.

To give you an idea of the currency conversions:

£100 GBP = 2,700 Baht 

$100 USD = 3,000 Baht 

$100 AUD = 2,100 Baht

$100 NZD = 2,000 Baht 

The cost of a beer in Thailand is around 80 baht, or $2 USD.


Thailand has a complicated mish-mash of seasons but in general the weather is warm, humid and tropical all year round. North of Bangkok there are three seasons. November – February is dry and cool season. March – April is hot season, and May – November is monsoon season. South of Bangkok there are two seasons, wet and dry, and the seasons are harder to predict.The average weather varies every season, but the temperature is around 30°C every day throughout the year. October is on average the wettest month throughout Thailand. November until April weather is the best time to go to the West Coast (Andaman Sea). May until September weather is the best time to go to the East Coast (Gulf Coast).

This is a question we are asked regularly by customers who want to travel to Thailand. Is Thailand safe? Travelling to any country across the world is safe if you abide by the local laws and have a good think about your surroundings. In our opinion, Thailand is a safe travel destination if you turn up prepared. He is a brief list of guidelines to follow to stay safe when you travel to Thailand :

  • Make sure you visit your GP before travelling to Thailand to ensure all of your immunisations are up to date. 
  • Keep your belongings safe in high quality backpacks or bum bags/fanny packs. This applies mainly to the busier tourist areas of Bangkok and Pattaya. 
  • Drink bottled water at all times. 
  • Before crossing the road, look left, then right, then left again. Thailand has cars, Tuk Tuks, and motorbikes to content with when you are crossing the road. 
  • If you do rent a motorbike wear appropriate clothing and drive slowly. Do not get on the bike after a few beers or glasses of wine. 

When you book a tour with Wide Eyed Tours our local guides consider your safety their highest priority. We will do our utmost to keep you safe when you travel through Thailand. 



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