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Wet’s Get Quizzical

Wet’s Get Quizzical

Looking to improve your knowledge on South East Asia? We have put together a few fun and informative quizzes to keep you busy and help us get to know the countries Wide Eyed Tours offers a little better.

Get to know South East Asia. Click on a country below to start your quiz.



The Vietnamese Pho.

This delicious soup first came to the tables in Northern Vietnam in the mid-1880s and has many influences by both Chinese and French cuisine. Pho is traditionally made up of rice noodles and spices that were imported from China and the French introduced red meat.

In 1954 Pho started to be seen further South due to its popularity. As the dish got more popular so did it’s variations and when the North and South divide occurred as a result of the Vietnam War, there was a distinct difference between the the complex Southern Pho with more ingredients and the traditional or original norther Pho.

Majority of restaurants in other countries would serve the more complete southern style Pho. There is heavy debate on which version is better, the north or the south, let us know which you prefer, or try and make your own favourite version using our recipe below.


Thailand Curry Recipes.

Looking for a delicious distraction? Our Marketing Manager Tamara has spent a couple of weeks in Phuket in February. One day she was invited to our partner’s house for a meal. Being a true traveller, Tam not only ate with the family, but also participated in cooking the meal.

Now you can show your love for the tropical paradise of Thailand by cooking some of these beautifully tasty recipes.


Cambodian Amok.

Cambodian food borrows its flavours from neighbouring Thailand and Vietnam. It’s most famous dish however is ‘Amok’.

This slightly sweet curry is traditionally presented in a banana leaf bowl with its custard like consistency and subtle flavours of lemongrass and kaffir lime. You’ll find it on menus around the county in every manner of restaurant from luxury to local street stalls. Originally ‘Amok’ was only made with a fine flaky white fish but today you’ll find chicken, pork, shrimp and vegetarian as options.


Laos Naem Khao Recipe.

Naem Khao is a crispy coconut rice salad with crispy and chewy textures balanced with sweet, salty, and spicy flavors. This very popular dish can often be found in food carts in the streets of Thailand and Laos.

Anyone who has tried this explosion of goodness will salivate just thinking about the crispy rice that melds with the salty tartness of the lime dressing surrounded by the spongy deliciousness of the sour pork sausage. Added into this glorious mixture are aromatic mint herbs and roasted peanuts.

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